There’s nothing quite like getting together with like-minded people to learn and explore new ideas. In addition to hosting our own events, we partner with other organisations that are enabling people, nature and society to flourish

Coaching with Natural Systems

Coaching with Natural Systems: Evolve Your Practice

How do we as coaches who care about nature bring that care to our practice?

 As humans, we are part of a natural system: The Earth. Yet our thinking and actions have taken us out of harmony with life. The convergence of Covid-19, our ecological crisis and the failing economy is creating urgency within business and society to pivot to a more sustainable model. Yet whilst ambition for net zero and the urge towards action is mounting, making good decisions that take account of the many interdependent challenges that this involves is harder than ever.

 As coaches we can play a powerful role in helping business and community leaders, our clients, make sense of and act into these challenges, to positively engage with them and transition their organisations and institutions to a world that works for everyone.

 By recentring our relationship with natural systems like this, we expand the possibilities for more systemic and deeper relational understanding and insight, with ourselves and with others. In the process we become more grounded, more creative in the options we can conceive, and more resilient: all prerequisites for the work that lies ahead.

 Talik & Co, in partnership with Earthself, have developed a 4-month virtual program for experienced coaches that will help your coaching practice evolve in harmony with the natural world around you. It will offer you a reflective space to explore your coaching practice, your current understanding of the challenges facing humanity and equip you with additional skills to help people, society and nature flourish.

 Interested? Then why not join us

Program starts 18th May 2021. Usual Investment is £2850 + VAT.

For our first event in 2021 we are offering a 50% reduction: £1425 + VAT

Download the full program details here.

To apply to join the program contact Ann, Alex or Tabitha.

Stepping up to go All In

The Future of business leadership
With Professor David Grayson and Dr Alexandra Stubbings

09.15-16.45 Friday 4th October 2019. Carers UK offices, 20 Great Dover Street, London (1 min from Borough Tube Station)

What are the capabilities leaders need to act with authority in the face of environmental crisis and global inequalities? How do you advocate beyond organisations to challenge the status quo and to engage others effectively for systemic change? How do we go ‘All In’?

In this intensive, one-day workshop, David and Alexandra bring together insights and experiences from sustainability pioneers with learning from Adaptive Leadership and the Talik change model. They’ll take you through the five core attributes of All In – Purpose, Culture, Plan, Collaboration and Advocacy – to help you build a rich systemic picture of your organisation today, your leadership purpose and potential, and – importantly – practical actions you’ll want to take forward. Weaving together the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of leading All In.

Senior leaders are encouraged to bring young leaders and / or civil society partners, recognising the need and benefit of broadening the diversity of voice and perspective in the group.

Individual business leader £495 + VAT
Business leader plus young leader / CSO partner £750 + VAT
Individual young leader / CSO partner £350 + VAT

For more information and to book, contact us at: +44 1908 414036


With Dr. Alexandra Stubbings and Certified LSP Facilitator Lawrence Stubbings

08:00 – 10:30 Friday 27th September 2019. MK Community Foundation, Margaret Powell House, 401-447 Midsummer Boulevard, MK9 3BN

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY?! That can’t be a real thing, surely? What can LEGO* models tell me about my business?

They’re all valid questions, and we hear you (we didn’t believe it ourselves until we tried it)! Yes, we could try to explain it, we could tell you the science, but this is SERIOUS PLAY and the best way to learn about LSP is to do it!

Following the success of our workshop in London last November, several of you asked us to bring our LEGO Brickfast home to Milton Keynes. In this brief, two hour introduction you’ll experience first-hand how Talik does LEGO SERIOUS PLAY*. Combining the LSP method with elements from Adaptive Leadership and the Talik change model, we’ll dive into personal purpose and the difference we can make. You’ll get hands-on with the bricks, see the LSP method in practice and all this while exploring how you can be the change you want to see in the world. This isn’t just LSP, this is Talik LSP.

Places are strictly limited to just 25 participants. London sold out quickly, so book now!

Participants £39.50 inc VAT

Or, for more information contact us at

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