How we work

The Talik magic

Talik consultants can sometimes be hard to spot. We don’t seek the glory or the credit. We’d rather help you and your team find your voice, build your ability and get the kudos for a job well done. We’re king-makers, not princesses.  

That said, we have nice clients who tell us we’re special. They call it the ‘Talik magic’. Although it’s hard to pin down, they say they love:

Our human approach

We understand what make people tick. What engages them and what daunts them. It means we create positive and people-centred programmes that build on strengths rather than fixating on faults.

Our intellectual horsepower

Not for us to blow our own trumpets. But apparently we’re a bright bunch and able to work fast in the midst of complexity. And what we do is underpinned with some rigorous thinking and solid research.

Getting to what matters

We’re ‘integrated thinkers’. We can see the whole and then cut through the extraneous detail to get to the nub of the issue. We call it ‘systems sight’ – making the connections and spotting the patterns to help you see where to act.

Practical curiosity

We love to learn and have a habit of asking unusual and sometimes challenging questions. Digging deeper and looking from quirky angles to see what others miss. Trying things out, experimenting, and discovering what works. And we love to share our insights too. If you want them.

Green hearts on our sleeves

Sustainability, ethical leadership, social responsibility. Call it what you like. Our purpose and values drive us and underpin all that we do. But we don’t force them on anyone. It’s far more important for us to help people discover their own.