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Put Purpose into Action

Learn with us to develop your skill and network. Go Deeper to discover where and how to design meaningful change strategies. Evolve your organisational system to deliver real impact. Get Inspired with creative thinking and new ideas.

Get Inspired

We love sharing the creative thinking and new ideas that inspire us

Learn with us

We gather great thought leaders, powerful facilitators and super hot content to create the highest quality learning events. Why not join us for one? Or if you don’t see something you fancy then talk to us and we’ll create something just for you.

Presence and Presentation

You have a critical message to deliver, you need to influence to get to the right decision. Yet somehow you’re not getting heard. Sound familiar? This one’s for you: a unique workshop combining expertise on creating impactful presentations with the communicative authority and confident stage presence of the theatre actor.

London, 21st June 2018
Led by: Larry Stubbings

Catalysing Relevance and Resilience

A high intensity circuit of major global challenges impinging on business right now and how you can engage with them to manage risks and expand opportunities. If your business model isn’t truly relevant to future social needs, if it’s not resilient to systemic shocks, you might want to come to this!

London, 30th & 31st May 2018
Led by: Alexandra Stubbings, Paul Davies

Workplace mindfulness as a social process

Mindfulness is normally applied to stress management and personal development.  Few apply it to social processes in organizational change. On our uniquely ‘social process based’ workshop, participants will not only gain insight into their personal experience but also understand how collective mindfulness can impact organisational development. Combined with mindfulness practice, this will give participants the foundation to lead mindfulness activities.

London, 14th September 2018
Led by: Paul Davies

Adaptive Strategies for Progressive Change

Taking the skills of adaptive leadership a step further, and introducing the Talik change model, we look at how to design effective interventions that engage and enroll across multiple groups and factions and take adaptive approaches to prototyping and business model development.

London, 12th & 13th July 2018
Led by: Alexandra Stubbings, Ann Knights

Go Deeper

Whether it’s coaching a senior manager, facilitating a team or leading a conference, our interventions enable people to see further, delve deeper and achieve more impactful outcomes.

Stepping into the Eye of the Storm™

As leaders, needing to move fast with partial knowledge in ambiguous situations, it can sometimes feel like being swept up in a storm – hard to see, think clearly or make good decisions.

Our Eye of the Storm workshops take you out of the whirlwind and into the calmer centre, bringing to life the complex system around you, with its risks, blind-spots and opportunities, and enabling you and your team to reach greater clarity that improves your decision-making.

It’s a key step in building a more resilient organisation.

Talik has been instrumental in supporting the leadership team during a period of significant change for RES and the renewable energy industry. Through large group facilitation, executive team development and one-to-one executive coaching, they’ve developed our leadership capability to step out of the daily routine of business and take a systemic view of the organisation. The relationship is based on providing a good balance of support and challenge and a relentless passion for sustainability and people.

Ian Mays
CEO Renewable Energy Systems

Revealing Purpose, getting relevant

Perhaps your organisation has a purpose statement already. But who is that purpose serving today and in the long term? Is it relevant to changing audiences with pressing needs on a shrinking world? Can you be proud of the legacy it will leave behind?

We work with you to deeply explore your own and your organisation’s purpose and the difference you want to make in the world. We help you ‘widen the aperture’, take in views from beyond your usual strategic horizons, to think more expansively and inter-generationally about the very real needs your business can address and develop the strategies to do so.

So where have you done it?

With a family business that wanted to reflect, after five generations in industry, on what their next 150 years could look like and how to set themselves up to succeed over future generations. Through a series of facilitated family off-sites, the partners developed their purpose statement and a charter that enshrined their purpose, values and principles, which now underpins their governance and how they lead their business portfolio. Also in shorter sessions through workshops, such as for the WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development) and British High Commission in New Zealand, workshops attended by a range of New Zealand organisations from Wellington Zoo to NZ Post.

Through the process of deeply exploring our purpose as a family in business we have become much clearer about the kind of business and partnership we want to be today, and about the positive legacy we want to create for future generations. Talik have helped us, not only to get to that clear purpose, but they continue to support us to make the necessary personal and organisational changes to realise it.

Ed McAlpine
Executive Partner and Head of Corporate Development, Sir Robert McAlpine

Beyond Corporate – organisation design for an unknowable world

Ever found yourself in an organisation that can’t stop restructuring? One where the deckchairs are constantly shuffled yet the problems reappear all the same? Yes, we know the sort. As if finding the elusive perfect structure will solve all your organizational ills. If only.

In a more uncertain world, organization design must create adaptive structures that liberate your people and enhance their ability to collaborate, innovate, self-manage and re-organise as needed. Your people strategy must not only successfully deliver the business strategy today but also propagate the culture, values and leadership to keep learning, responding and adapting into the future.

Our organisation design approach creates solutions that combine these qualities, deals with the entrenched group identities and power struggles that can derail structural change, and helps you evolve ‘beyond corporate’ to forms of organising more suited to a less knowable and more volatile world.

We chose the term ‘talik’ – the patches of unfrozen ground in regions of permafrost – for their ability to stay fluid. For us they represent the capacity to stay responsive and agile in harsh environments. Too many organisations stay stuck – frozen – in out-of-date patterns of organising. Rather than top-down hierarchies, resilient organisations are far more laterally connected and networked. Over time though the control management style of the typical large corporation is giving way to more self-organising and adaptive leadership forms.

Alexandra Stubbings
Managing Director & Founder, Talik & Co

Facilitating Conversations that Count

Action Labs. Learning Hubs. Hackathons. We facilitate large group learning and strategy events around the world, designed with practical outcomes and real-world scenarios in mind. We combine well-known processes like Appreciative Inquiry and Future Search with our own tried-and-tested models, all with a theatre-standard flair for creative direction and stage-craft.

We’re famous for our attention to delicate power dynamics, for rapidly adapting to changing group needs, for our high production values and for lively high-engagement group processes.

Talik consultants have helped us create annual learning events that enable participants from all our regions – South America, Africa, Asia and the US and Europe – to think and learn together. Their facilitation style has inspired a whole culture of high participation learning events in our network which is reproduced across all our regions now.

Caroline Sallum Uriarte
Project Manager, Low Emissions Development Strategies Global Partnership Secretariat


Evolving a business to be truly relevant and resilient requires aligned action on multiple fronts. Our programmes co-ordinate change systemically to enact new cultural norms and encode new operating models.

Evolving cultures

When it comes to creating cultures with purpose at their core, we believe everyone has a role to play. We have a comprehensive and integrative approach, highlighted in the Talik model, that ensures a positive and most importantly, engaging experience for everyone who needs to be part of the journey – inside and outside the company to elicit and embed new values, behaviours and cultural norms.

So where have you done it?

Across a whole range of sectors – finance, pharmaceuticals, telecoms, manufacturing and construction. For one large business, it was about increasing responsibility – for safety, for communities and for the bottom line. The Talik team helped the company create a multi-stranded programme that included coaching for leaders, cross-organisational engagement using story-telling, large group facilitation and staged redesign of procedures and policies that no longer served the culture as the levels of personal responsibility and self-management increased.

I’ve worked with executives leading change over many years and I’ve found many of the models of change to be too static and symptom focused. I like the Talik model for the elegant and simple way it reveals the systemic nature of organisational and social challenges and helps leaders think through how to adapt and address them.

Eric Martin
Adaptive Change Advisors, USA

Trusted Advisor

Sometimes it’s hard to talk about the things that really matter or challenge someone without risking the relationship. Talik consultants are known for their skill in facilitating just such conversations, enabling you and your team to confront issues and develop new patterns of interacting in your boards and teams – a vital step in evolving values and cultures.

You might call it confidante or thinking partner. Whether in family business partnerships, boards of directors or internal change teams, we provide subtle counsel and facilitation, walking with you on your journey.

Alexandra has the valuable ability to see through the clutter and distractions to get to the nub of the issue. She is highly intuitive and sensitive, helping me spot obstacles and become aware of blindspots so I can be more effective as a Chairman and business leader.

Gavin McAlpine
McAlpine Partner and Chairman, Sir Robert McAlpine and RES

Purposeful Leadership

Leading for relevance and resilience requires decisive action in ambiguous and disruptive environments, to experiment courageously and communicate your ideas with a passion that galvanizes support. You don’t learn these abilities in a classroom. Want to think out of the box? Get out of the box!

Our leadership programmes create rich experiential environments where leaders can discover and develop whilst progressing real systems change. Whether through engaging your supply chain, addressing the Sustainable Development Goals, or designing circular production experiments, our programmes aim to generate positive change whilst building self-aware and purpose-driven leadership capability.

In an increasingly complex and fast moving world, we need leaders who can interpret and respond to global challenges and changing market conditions, who can openly role model a convergent yet balanced mix of values-based decision-making with strong commercial acumen. That means developing leaders, now and in the future, to be people who are values-led, who can collaborate across disciplines and geographies, build partnerships and who are not afraid to experiment and learn.

Matt Robinson
Sustainability Engagement Head, HSBC

Executive Coaching for individuals, teams and boards

When it comes to driving purpose-led change, coaching is one of the most powerful ways to rapidly improve your effectiveness. However confident and self-aware we think we are, we can all benefit from a safe confidential space to reflect on and strengthen our leadership abilities.

Talik coaches bring world-class expertise, underpinned with academic excellence, to help you navigate turbulent and ambiguous challenges, to find and draw upon your own sense of purpose and values, to harness your strengths and energy to make truly ground-breaking contributions.

So where have you done it?

We have coached CEOs and senior executives across business, central and local government, non-profits and international networks, focused on developing their skills as leaders. We have provided coaching to teams and boards to improve performance, and also to more junior and mid-level managers who are progressing from technical and professional roles towards more general management positions.  We develop internal coaching capability and provide supervision to in-house coaching teams.


Working in the political environment of health and local government is challenging and stimulating in equal measure. My personal challenge, and one that I’ve worked on with Ann, was to recognise that this environment can be emotionally intense while also requiring a robust professional approach. Working through this has enabled me to acknowledge the emotions without reacting to them viscerally. This includes acknowledging that on some occasions people will be palpably angry about my proposals, and while it is never my intention to engender anger this is sometimes an inevitable outcome of working at executive level. My personal view is that anger is particularly difficult emotion for women and men to deal with, but it seems particularly difficult for women. Ann’s coaching has enabled me move beyond my emotional responses to intense situations to a place where I can deliver of my best whatever the environment.

Susan Lloyd FFPH
London Borough Barking & Dagenham
Coaching Supervision

Ann supervised me individually over a period of five months when I was studying at Ashridge. Ann's style is sophisticated, intelligent, intuitive, and humble. I would often come to a session with complex client issues where I needed to make sense of what was going on. Ann was always really tuned in and offered spot on hypotheses and in the moment feedback that would help quickly unravel what was going on for both me and the client. What I really appreciated about Ann was her gentleness and finesse in both challenging and supporting me, which allowed me to develop effectively and confidently. I really felt that I grew quite significantly over this period and was able to take my practice, and in particular my reflective skills, to a new level. A very worthwhile investment in excellent quality, classy work - highly recommended!

Juliet Atkinson
Ashridge accredited executive coach and founder of The Coaching Connection.

Sustainability leadership and strategy

We don’t always use the ‘S’ word but sustainability is at the heart of all our work. We lead strategic, leadership and educational activities on sustainability the world over, designing development programmes, conducting research, and building capacity for teams and other educators using pioneering cross-disciplinary and action-oriented learning methods.

So where have you done it?

Developing sustainability knowledge for the UAE Ministry of Education’s K-12 school curriculum writers; reviewing a well-established UK Masters in Sustainability and recommending areas for refreshment; building capacity in Emirates Foundation; teaching on business school, university and leading business in-house programmes.

Talik was instrumental in helping the foundation build a team-wide understanding of sustainability. Thanks to the work they did with my team, we have much greater capacity and awareness of the importance of stakeholder engagement, identifying and mitigating key stakeholder risks and integrating this into our business planning. Their engagement with my team was relevant, inspiring and fun and they quickly understood how to build a rapport with a very multi-cultural group. I would have no hesitation in recommending them for anyone who wants to take a practical and applicable approach to understanding and delivering on a sustainable business strategy.

Clare Woodcraft-Scott
CEO Emirates Foundation