The Talik: Organisation Evolution for Relevance and Resilience

It can feel pretty stormy out there. The complex systemic pressures on organisations today, from political turbulence to shifting social norms, from supply chain shocks to climate change adaptation, require a systemic approach for sense-making and change.

From years of sharp-end experience and rigorous research we produced the “Talik” – an elegant and accessible way to make sense of organisations and the ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ worlds they inhabit.

Behind the model lies a comprehensive suite of practical diagnostic, design and facilitation tools that catalyze new ways of thinking and operating.

Like stepping into the calm stillness in the eye of the storm, we help you see your system and make decisions that ignite greater relevance and resilience for your organisation.


As someone who not only leads change myself but develops others to do so, I find the Talik model and methodology has the benefits of clarity, practicality and depth. This makes it an excellent framework for supporting leaders to engage with change from lived experience. I have had a privileged position in seeing the model and its underpinning thinking develop over a number of years.  This brings a great deal of trust in it as a sound and ethical methodology rooted in sustainability.

James Wilson
V&A Museum

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