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At Talik we believe that everyone and every organisation, for-profit and for-purpose,
can play a positive role in addressing the global challenges of our times.

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“In an increasingly complex world, we need leaders who can respond to changing global challenges, who can partner across disciplines and geographies, and who can balance values-based decision-making with commercial acumen. This means developing leaders who are values-led and not afraid to experiment and learn.”

Matt Robinson, Sustainability Engagement Head, HSBC

Coaching into Nature

How do we bring our skill as coaches to address the most urgent ecological challenge of our time?

Coaches who care about nature can play a powerful role in strengthening leaders’ capacity to make sense of and act into the challenges presented by the unfolding Climate Crisis, helping clients stay with the ambiguity of short-term demands versus long-term transformation. Nature-connected coaches can bring an ecological awareness to decision-making as well as a groundedness borne of understanding ourselves AS nature.


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