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Tick tock tick. And suddenly summer was almost over. The schools have gone back (who had money on that one?!) and holiday season – for what it was – comes to its end. Before you know it, we’ll all be back in our scarves and mittens, trudging through the wind-whipped leaves on our ways to… oh… no we won’t.

More and more I’m talking to people who are being told by their bosses that they’re welcome to continue working remotely and they’re jumping at the opportunity. Companies are seeing considerable savings in travel expenses, hotel stays and carbon off-setting. It’s a Sustainability good-news story (for once!)

The virtual worker is a legitimate thing.

When the lockdown began I remember first smiling, then rolling my eyes and finally despairing at the sheer number of Virtual Working Experts that swarmed out of the ether, onto LinkedIn and into my Junk-mail folder; offering lists of (Insert Number) Ways To Better Virtual Working.

It’s funny how those lists seem to come and go. All too often without impact.

Back in 1974 Tim Galway released the Inner Game of Tennis and the world was changed. It became a hit. And has spawned a wealth of other Inner Game titles. But here’s the thing… You won’t become Federer, Nadal or Djokovic by reading Galway’s book. You’ll see improvement, yes – inner game has so much to answer for. However, there’s simply no replacement for a good coach. An external pair of eyes and ears, an expert, telling you to stiffen your wrist or put more hip into it.

Because you can read all you want but until you put that learning into practice what good is it?!

My associate Paul recently offered his Two Virtually Rules for Virtual Working. And a lot of people came back and told us they made a good deal of sense.

  1. The Virtually Rule of More
  2. The Virtually Rule of Reverse-checking

It’s not another “snappy list”. They are two principles that are worth paying some attention. We’ve been paying them a lot of attention and the word we’re using now is Equivalence – making virtual interaction equivalent to how we do things offline.

With business realizing that this is how we’re doing things now it feels like the right time to make a bit of noise about Equivalence, about how we move forward, how we live, relate and do business in the virtual space; the right time to make the offer to help you square your shoulders and spot where you could put more spin on the ball.

It’s not an offer of another list. It’s a growing. Together.
Because… it’s the right time.

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