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Coaching with Natural Systems

Coaching with Natural Systems: Evolve Your Practice

How do we as coaches who care about nature bring that care to our practice?

 As humans, we are part of a natural system: The Earth. Yet our thinking and actions have taken us out of harmony with life. The convergence of Covid-19, our ecological crisis and the failing economy is creating urgency within business and society to pivot to a more sustainable model. Yet whilst ambition for net zero and the urge towards action is mounting, making good decisions that take account of the many interdependent challenges that this involves is harder than ever.

 As coaches we can play a powerful role in helping business and community leaders, our clients, make sense of and act into these challenges, to positively engage with them and transition their organisations and institutions to a world that works for everyone.

 By recentring our relationship with natural systems like this, we expand the possibilities for more systemic and deeper relational understanding and insight, with ourselves and with others. In the process we become more grounded, more creative in the options we can conceive, and more resilient: all prerequisites for the work that lies ahead.

 Talik & Co, in partnership with Earthself, developed a 4-month virtual program for experienced coaches that will help your coaching practice evolve in harmony with the natural world around you. It will offer you a reflective space to explore your coaching practice, your current understanding of the challenges facing humanity and equip you with additional skills to help people, society and nature flourish.

Following the success of our first program we are launching our second cohort.

 Interested? Then why not join us

Our next Programme is going to be starting in Spring 2022.

Investment is £2250 + VAT.

For more information on the program please contact us.

To apply to join the program contact Ann, or Alex. 

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