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“I am on my way to coach a senior executive in my company and I am feeling mildly apprehensive. I am quite an experienced coach and attended a quality coaching programme, but there are some aspects of being an internal coach which were not really covered. In this case the senior executive is the boss of some of my colleagues in the company and I hear ‘stuff’ about her from time to time, and I don’t know quite what to do about it. Do I tell her? I think not! But will it influence how I coach her; possibly? Also, in our culture, speaking ‘truth to power’ is not always welcome and I am wondering how I broach that? I am also wondering how I might use my experience of some other aspects of our culture?”

Over many years of tutoring and supervising coaches, both internal and external, we have become increasingly interested in these kinds of question, and aware of the issues and dynamics faced by internal coaches, which are not always covered in coaching programmes

Coaching inside your own organization exposes you to some different kinds of challenge compared to external coaches. Our view is that as internal coaches you are uniquely positioned to support your client (both the individual and the organization) in responding creatively to these challenges. The most interesting and challenging part is that you exist in the same system as your clients, which can create dynamics around role, power, knowing what you know, your prejudices, as well as sensations and awareness from your own experience of the system.

We think co-inquiry and working with a systemic view are key to making the most of the role of internal coach, so we are offering a programme, specifically for internal coaches, which takes a systemic view of the context in which you operate, and explores the questions our story poses. We aim to help you enhance your capability to coach within your own culture and institutions.

To introduce this programme we are holding a breakfast session for a small group of guests who are excited about the power of internal coaching, to co-inquire into your experience, and outline our proposals for a unique development experience. Spaces are limited, but there are a few seats left if you would like to join us. Find out more here:

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